After several  years of research and development, including literally
hundreds of hours of flight-testing, Gyron Systems International has
given birth to the absolute best gyrostabilized gimbal on the planet.

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The Gyron is designed and built to a completely different standard. It’s
all about the inner gimbal order, innovative software, space-age gyro-
technology and direct-drive mechanisms that are both rugged and
extremely precise. Vastly improved levels of reliability were also
achieved with our new design. No other gimbal even comes close.

Our system was originally designed to be used on various aircraft, but
they have also proven themselves as the perfect tool for any situation
that requires a smooth and steady gyro-stabilized shot. Our systems
have been mounted on a variety of aircraft, cranes, cars, boats, etc.

Click on any system name for more details.

Gyron HD: These are our gyro-stabilized Hi-DEF and video units.

Gyron FS & Super GThese are our gyro-stabilized film units.

Gyron Eagle: This is our rental and live event downlink aerial
service division. It consists of a Gyron system designed to work with
our specially modified Cessna aircraft.

We also offer other aerial shooting options through our company
Wolfe Air Aviation.

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