Gyron Systems International offers the worlds best gyro-stabilized
camera systems. Our systems can be used and mounted anywhere
a stable and smooth shot is required. Please contact us for a job-
specific cost estimate.

Gyron Model 935:
This unit is the end result of years of meticulous design and rigorous
flight testing. The highest level of creative latitude and versatility has
been engineered into this awesome closed architecture gimbal.
Gyron’s entire camera and lens package are stabilized as a single
unit. The Gyron 935 is the only system with our unique inner gimbal
design and steerable horizon, providing roll capability + or – 88
degrees. It’s completely stable, even at the long end of the 42X lens.
The Gyron is in a class by itself.
5-Axis Gyro-Stabilization: Eliminates Pan, Tilt And Roll Jitter To The Camera.
Maintains Internally Stabilized Pointing Direction Independent Of Vehicle Maneuvers
Fully And Easily Steerable In All Three Axes:  Pan, Tilt And Roll
The ONLY Gimbal With Stabilized Steerable Roll Control
Remote Controlled Motorized 2x Extender On Lens
Gimbal System Electronics Are Placed In The Cockpit, Or Luggage Compartment.
User Friendly Control Desk Ergonomically Designed For Ease Of Operation
System Uses State-Of-The-Art Sensing Technology

Gyron Model 945:
Gyron systems is about to introduce a completely new gimbal that is capable of providing incredible stability and creative latitude with
packages such as Panavision’s Genesis with their 11-to-1 zoom.
Other combinations include Arri's Alexa, Sony’s F23/ F35, RED and
virtually any other high-end sensor.  With the ability to incorporate all
of these large, high resolution/ high dynamic range sensor cameras,
this system is sure to become the industries first choice for a gyro-
stabilized system.

See our new control desk and drawings of the
Panavision Genesis/Gyron gimbal.
See them now.

See a video on how the Gyron works. (90 sec.)
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What are the general specifications of the 935 system?
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See our new control desk and drawings of the
Panavision Genesis/Gyron gimbal.
See them now.
Gyron vs. Wescam / Pictorvision (1 Min.)
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The Gyron performs video. (3 Min.)
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Gyron HD
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