Gyron Systems International is the provider of the Gyron FS and
the Super G systems. These complete turnkey film based gimbals
include an STC’d helicopter bracket and the Arri 435 camera package
with an Angenieux 10-to-1 zoom lens. These systems are fully
capable of integrating almost any camera package imaginable.
The FS and Super G are the very best solutions for shooting film from
the aerial perspective.

The Gyron FS and the Super G are regularly used on camera cars,
jib arms and anywhere a smooth and steady shot is required. They
have become the gold standard in gyro-stabilized film systems.
They also are capable of shooting Vista Vision, 65mm / 5 or 8 Perf.,
and 65mm IMAX formats.
5-Axis Gyro-Stabilization: Eliminates Pan, Tilt And Roll Jitter To The Camera.
Maintains Internally Stabilized Pointing Direction Independent Of Vehicle Maneuvers
Fully And Easily Steerable In All Three Axes:  Pan, Tilt And Roll
The ONLY Gimbal With Stabilized Steerable Roll Control
Remote Controlled Motorized 2x Extender On Lens
Gimbal System Electronics Are Placed In The Cockpit, Or Luggage Compartment.
User Friendly Control Desk Ergonomically Designed For Ease Of Operation
System Uses State-Of-The-Art Sensing Technology
Rotation:   360 Degrees Continuous
Tilt Range:   120 Degrees
Stabilized Roll Range: spacer +/- 50 Degrees, Or Automatic Level Horizon, Selectable
Power Requirements:   24-28 VDC @ 3-Amps Standby, 15-Amps Dynamic Maximum
Maximum Camera Weight:   90 Pounds / 41 Kilos
System Weight:   128 Pounds / 58 Kilos (Less Covers And Isolator)
Back Pan:   Automatic Or Selectable
Target Tracking:   Automatic Or Selectable
Pan Speed:   120 Degrees Per Second
Tilt Speed:   60 Degrees Per Second
Roll Speed:   60 Degrees Per Second
Lens Controls:   The System Is Wired To Accept All Popular Lens Controls.
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Gyron FS
Gyron FS
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