After several years of research and development, including literally hundreds of hours of flight-testing, the Gyron Development Group and Gyron Systems International ultimately gave birth to the absolute best gyrostabilized gimbal on the planet, the Gyron 935. It's widely accepted by the industry as being far superior to the GSS, Cineflex/Shotover-type design and everything else on the market. It's all about the inner gimbal order, innovative software, space-age gyro-technology and robust direct-drive mechanisms that are both rugged and extremely precise. Vastly improved levels of reliability were also achieved with the new design. None of the other gimbals even come close.

A dozen units were manufactured and distributed internationally. One very high profile aerial provider at the time, Goodyear Blimp Operations, recognized the superior quality, stability, reliability and performance and immediately ordered Gyrons for their entire blimp fleet. Other units went to Aerial Camera Systems in the UK and Wildcat Films in Scotland. Two units remained in the United States within Gyron's rental division, Gyron Eagle. All of these units form the backbone of the rental inventory for virtually every quality aerial image producer worldwide.

A new generation/Model, the Gyron "Horizon", has been designed and engineered to accommodate multiple Digital Cinema cameras including the Red Dragon and Arri Alexa, among others. The compact size of the "Horizon", unlike the smaller, or even the larger yet flimsier competitive systems, is able to utilize the full range of high quality lens options. In addition to an extremely robust foundation, versatility and adaptability to make easy payload change-outs is key to any good gimbal design. Gyron's state of the art overall design readily scales either larger or smaller depending on the payload requirements.

The Gyron Development Group was dissolved and Bob Nettmann went on to design and build an open-architecture, film based gimbal to accept a wide variety of cameras and lenses. The Gyron "Super G" has become the film platform's gold standard.

Gyron Systems International is the provider of these complete turnkey film based gimbals including their STC'd helicopter nose brackets and Arri 435 camera package along with an Angenieux 10 to 1 zoom. The "Super G" unit is fully capable of integrating virtually any camera and lens package imaginable. This is the very best solution for shooting film from the aerial perspective.

Gyron Systems' team of aerospace-based engineers are continuing down the path to develop high-end, closed-architecture gimbal stabilization solutions focusing on the emerging Digital Cinema and aerial surveillance arenas. Holding these packages of extremely high quality sensors with large mass, long focal length optics, jitter-free, became the ultimate challenge. Several years of extensive work and relentless testing are now coming to completion as Gyron Systems is about to introduce a completely new, fully digitally controlled gimbal that is capable of providing a whole new level of stability and creative latitude. With the ability to incorporate virtually all large, high resolution/high dynamic range sensors and lenses, the sky is no longer the limit.

Gyron's incredible stability is able to provide the expanded capability of digital image enhancement for the potential to multiply the telephoto reach by several times. All of these possibilities have become reality with Gyron Systems newest Gyron "Horizon" for high-end Digital Cinema applications and our soon to be released Gyron 945 for aerial surveillance applications. Click here to see Gyron 945 drawings and its completely redesigned control desk.


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