Welcome to Gyron Systems International

The Gyron is designed and built to a completely different standard. It’s all
about the inner-gimbal order, space age gyros, innovative software and
integrated robust precise direct drive mechanisms. There are several other
gimbals out there, but "good enough" is not good enough. Gyron's stability,
reliability and creative latitude are unmatched, and our rental rates are
the same.

The first video on this page was captured at the X-Games in San Diego,
California. This shot ended up winning ESPN an Emmy Award. It shows
sky-surfers performing against highlights off the Pacific Ocean while falling
at terminal velocity. Only the Gyron has the precision, stability and track
controllability to capture an image like this. Other aerial systems have
repeatedly tried and failed. Amazing SMOOTH TRACKING and increased
LOOK UP CAPABILITY puts the Gyron in a class by itself.

The second video illustrates exactly how steady the Gyron is, even at the
long end of the lens. We discovered two climbers at the top of a remote
mountain and zoomed in to capture their ultra-steady image while the
background seemingly flashes by at Mach 3.

No other gimbal even comes close to matching Gyron’s stability or creative
control. High-end digital cinematography is our expertise. Our new 945-HD
gimbal is also about to revolutionize surveillance applications.

Click here for a glimpse of the 945.

Click here to see how Gyron evolved.

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